Traveling After Breast Augmentation: Do’s and Don’t’s

The recovery process after breast augmentation can be a long process, and it is recommended that Image result for good ideas for vacations after breast augmentation surgeryyou refrain from physical exertion as well as from sitting upright for long periods in order to help your skin and tissue repair itself to the best of its abilities, said Dr Joseph Racanelli. These restrictions prevent many people from working at their usual jobs while recovering from breast augmentation surgery – but many people don’t want to just sit at home for weeks. There’s not much to do while lying around at home, and while a “stay cation” might seem nice, it can get pretty dull pretty quickly. So, a lot of people take the break from work that they have to take and turn it into a vacation to an exotic destination. The way a lot of people see it is, if I have to relax for three weeks, why not relax in a hot vacation destination?

However, there are some things to be aware of when you’re choosing a destination to travel to after breast augmentation surgery, there are some things to be aware of. Since it’s not recommended to exert yourself physically or remain upright for too long, there are some activities, like hiking and skiing, that are not good ideas for vacations after breast augmentation surgery. It is also not a very good idea to sign up for a long plane flight, since this involves sitting up fairly straight for many hours at a time – that is, unless you’re willing to spring for business class seats that allow you to lie down. Driving long distances is ill-advised for the same reasons, unless you have someone who can drive the car while you reclineImage result for good ideas for vacations after breast augmentation surgery in the back seat. Generally, though, you should avoid trying to travel too far after your breast implantation surgery.

There’s also the question of what type of vacation destination is ideal. Many people find beach vacations to be great after breast augmentation surgery – you can lie down and relax in the sun for days on end. There is also the fact that swimming is one of the few physical activities that is okay to engage in after breast augmentation surgery, as long as the activity is kept moderate. This is because when you’re in the water, your body essentially ways less and your connective tissues do not experience the normal force of gravity.