Overview Of The Trench Shield

Did you know that trench work is hazardous? It is a kind of work that is always on borrowed time. In some places, the sides can come caving in without much notice.

When utility workers are out in the field, say at the side of the road, or in it, there is a device to help shield them. The trench box, or trench shield, as it is also known. They protect workers.

It turns out that trenches comprise of most construction jobs as many utilities are laid underground. That means that utility workers must be able to have access to a trench to connect lines for utilities.

In addition, they often will have to excavate as well. Whatever the work entails trench shields are there to to protect the utility workers.

Stand Up Time
Trenches are on borrowed time, depending upon the material of the surrounding ground, humidity, weather and the depth of the trench. They will at some point start collapsing in and cave in at some point.

The trench shield widens the utility worker’s window to work within the trench before caving in starts to occur. It is imperative to choose the right type of trench shield for the project.
Trench boxes are crafted out of both aluminum and steel. The strength of the metal keeps a rigid wall up in place while working. This helps extend the amount of time that a shield works.

The pressure of unstable soil can harm crews once the trench collapses. This is true if the team is busily digging a foundation, connecting pipes, or laying down new wiring.

Shield Quality
The quality of the products, down to the trench guard is important as well is the OSHA-approval on every box. Look for engineer certified products that meet the OSHA excavation safety needs.

tjjg61cjThey come in various designs and sizes. For instance, a narrow trench box is useful if there is a smaller excavation area. Using the appropriate sized shield is an excellent way to minimize machine down time and limit excess costs. Always ensure that a ditch that is the right size is dug as well.

Trench boxes protect contractors and their crew of workers with well-built and high-quality shields. Such boxes are also meant to improve efficiency and extend working time to get a job done cost-effectively as well.

It is important to protect the excavation and the underground utility workers. All of this protects the profits for the whole team too.