An Active Girl’s Guide To Making Hair Extensions Last

If you have hair extensions, you know how expensive they can be to replace or have redone. That’s why it is critical that you take proper care of your blonde extensions. However, if you are someone that enjoys the outdoors and other physical activities, that is easier said than done! In fact, if you have blonde extensions, you have to be even more careful or your extensions could become discolored.

First, if you are active, you should probably try to avoid extensions that are too long. If your extensions are more than twice your natural hair length, they are going to be under strain already simply due to their length. If your extensions are blonde, it will be more difficult to keep the ends from getting dirty, and thus stained.

Next, make sure you never color or apply a perm to your extensions on your own, or if possible, at all. These types of chemical processes will weaken your extensions and make them more prone to breakage, even when you are not putting them under the stress of the outdoors.

When you are participating in outdoor activities, try to protect your hair whenever possible. Too much exposure to the sun can weaken both your natural hair and your extensions, and they will not last long. Try to wear a hat whenever possible. In addition, keep your hair tied back in a low ponytail. Hair that is loose can catch on branches while you are hiking or get caught in equipment if you are playing a sport.

Any time you go swimming, especially if it is in a chlorinated swimming pool, try to wear a swim cap. If this isn’t possible, don’t linger once you are out of the water – head straight to the nearest shower or faucet and rinse your hair. Salt water can strip your hair and weaken it. Chlorine is even worse, as it can not only weaken extensions, if your extensions are blonde or light in shade, it can turn them green!

Finally, make sure you follow any and all instructions given to you by your stylist. Extensions can vary quite a bit. Some are made using real hair while others are synthetic. How they are attached to your hair can also influence how they are cared for. For example, certain glues can be weakened by exposure to sunlight. Your stylist should be able to tell you if your extensions have any specific care needs.