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Outdoor education takes place in the outdoors, and it is considered a form of organized learning. The student will receive an adventurous challenge during such learning activities. Hiking, climbing, canoeing, roping and mountain biking are some of the major events in this regard. John Muir Award and Forest Schools are among the leading outdoor sporting organizers that encourage outdoor training. The training includes philosophy, theory and practices of environmental education.

Outdoor education is based on experiential learning about the outdoors. It refers to a variety of activities that take place in an outdoor environment. It is difficult to achieve a common definition in this regard because outdoor education vary according to the philosophy, culture and local conditions. wilderness education and forest schools. It is difficult to achieve a consensus about the meaning of these terms. Outdoor education usually draws upon these elements in some way. The hallmark of the education is its focus on outdoors. In fact, adventure education will focus on the adventure side of the education while environmental education will focus on the environment.

Outdoor education is quite synonymous with adventure education, outdoor schools, adventure therapy, recreation, adventure tourism, expeditionary learning, challenge education, outdoor learning and adventure programming.